wheelbarrows and trust


Trust2I read this today.

There was a man entertaining the crowds with his tightrope act, pushing a wheelbarrow across the rope over a deep abyss.  He asked the crowds “Do you think I can do this?”  “Yes, we believe you can do it!” they replied enthusiastically.  “Okay,” said the tightrope walker, “Who is going to get in the wheelbarrow?”

The difference between trust and belief.

How often do we confuse belief with trust?



4 responses to “wheelbarrows and trust

  1. Good story, Gillian! And the comic is a perfect accompaniment.

  2. great illustration of the difference between trust and belief!

  3. Ugh. This is a tough one. I don’t do either well!

  4. Belief really does take less thinking than trust. I think they are confused too much.

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