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Planner Hall of Shame

While undertaking some therapeutic displacement activity I discovered a whole new genre of planners.  Planners designed specifically for writers.  I felt that my heart should have leapt, but instead it sank.

Surely the planner junkie in me would be whooping (much like the way the Inner Goddess cartwheels through Fifty Shades).  But instead it sighed and clicked somewhat despondently on the link.  It was not disappointed.

What do writers need in a planner that engineers, dancers, doctors and flower arrangers do not?  Answers on a postcard please, or you could just write on the back of a stamp.  When was the last time you saw a planner dedicated to the needs of a butcher?  I rest my case.  We all have appointments, commitments both one off and regular.  We all have to do lists (even if those of my husband are always, without fail, on the back of an envelope) and some of us have goals and monthly targets both practical and emotional.

Most of us need planners.  Actually we all need planners, but sadly some people believe themselves to be exempt from this rule.  They are the ones whose necks have been wrung on a regular basis (in fact I could even schedule the neck wringing in my own planner).  What we do not need are twee quotes “to encourage you along your journey”.  I’d love to see what would be selected for a planner dedicated to an abattoir manager.  Okay so I am edging on the edge of facetiousness but I hope you get my point.

There are a lot of things that as a would be author I need to know.  I can find them all in the wonderful Writer’s Yearbook, or on any one of the excellent blogs and websites dedicated to the writing process.  I do not need them in my back pocket or taking up valuable space in my planner.

So here is a sample of the Hall of Shame.

 A working writer’s daily planner – your year in writing  I note this is the 2011 version ……

Mslexia Writer’s Diary   I love Mslexia but why oh why did you stoop so low and why does it have to have a twee yellow flower on the front ……

Writing World    Fortunately I suspect that most people would have lost the will to live just trying to find the link to the planner.

Personally I find it all bit condescending.


Dare I open the box?

This is fast turning into a planner blog rather than a writing blog.  But as it is my new year and the time when I succumb to my love of all things stationery and it is my blog after all, planners it is again.

This arrived yesterday.

Inside was this.

Inside that was this.

And inside that was this.

And now we can open the book….

Welcome to my new best friend 🙂

Cheery reminder to be more mindful of the here and now.

Lists for birthdays and all the other important dates.  I actually have these on our family home book in each month section and again listed on the Dodo pad on the wall but it’s good to have them all in one place here.

I do like a decent sized full year calendar, my eyesight is not what it was and my glasses frequently upsticks and hide.  When taking bookings for our holiday home it’s helpful to have a full year calendar easily to hand to check in and out dates.

Month to a view.  With three sets of school terms (all slightly different) and a husband who is frequently away it is vital that I can see at a glance who is where and then work out how I am going to get them home again!

Week to a view.  I am not entirely sure how I am going to best use this as I can’t give up my uncalendar.  I am thinking blocking and planning, but more of that in the next post when I work out how I am linking all this together.

Pretty pages for doodling.  There are lined pages too, but I don’t really do lines!

Useful numbers – or perhaps not.  Some are superfluous, but we’ll see.

Lots of stickers for all sorts of events from birthdays to baby showers, date nights to pay day.  Why we can’t just write them in the diary I’m not sure.  Also there are four stickers for no school – if my kids only had four days off school each year there would be hell to pay!  But hey ho, they came with the kit and they are in pretty colours.  There are a couple of pages of blank ones as well.  You can ever buy extras should you feel so inclined ….

Pocket for loose bits of paper.  Reasonably sturdy and as it’s deep there is less likelihood of said bits of paper taking flight.

Finally a plastic pocket at the back.  As it also came with a whole load of free stickers, cards and labels, I think for the time being they will live in here, but I suspect that my mini moleskine would be happiest in here.

Later this week – how all my lovely planners link together.  And just in case the cynics amongst you were wondering …..I’ve written 4 thousand words this week.

a new year

What?  I can hear you say.  It’s only August, what happened to the months in between?  For me the new year starts in September.  Maybe it’s a throwback to school but I think it is because the long languid hanging around days of summer are over but autumn hasn’t quite arrived.  A hiatus.  I’ve had a rest and I am ready to get going again.  In fact I have two weeks in Corfu before the summer is really over, but as school starts two days after we get back I have to be ready to hit the ground running.

As in everything the devil is in the detail or rather the details don’t get lost if you plan.  The grand plan is set out in my Best Year Yet, which is pretty much the only thing I start in January rather than September.   This isn’t the time for big sweeping resolutions it’s the time to reasses what worked and what didn’t and to make practical plans to put what did work into regular practice.

Some of the little changes that have worked over this year and will certainly stay for next are:

  • Weekly meal planning
  • Daily scheduled reflective time
  • Fruit salad in the fridge
  • Learning to be quiet

Like every new year a new planner (or series of planners) are required.  I’ve been using Uncalendar and Textagenda for just about a month now and I’m loving them.  As it’s summer and I’m not really working, the Textagenda isn’t getting as much use as the Uncalendar, it will get it’s real test in September.  But the Uncalendar is coming into it’s own, I’ve colour coded my lists, such a tiny thing but it really does help.  I’ve not got to grips with the monthly planner yet, I’ve tended to use Best Year Yet for that, but I thought it might be a useful way to record my new exercise regime, so I can see at a glance where I am falling down.

Oh and I bought Keels Simple Diary – loving that too!  The diary with a difference.  For a serious journaller like me I thought it would be too simple, actually simple is quite hard.