Today was the first day back at school and the alarm went off at 6am.  The dancer decided she wanted to get the early train to school (almost unheard of) so there was little leeway timewise.  I have a few rituals with which I like to start the day: the day’s reading from my Bible reading notes, the day’s reading from “Simple Abundance”,  and writing my gratitude journal and morning pages.  As you can see this requires a little time!  Oddly enough over the holidays, when I have had plenty of time in the mornings I had become rather lax, yet this morning, when time was short I found the space to do all of these.  The difference  was  tremendous.  I didn’t feel I was rushing into my day, the quiet reflective time made me feel as if I was walking into my day with purpose, ready to make the most of everthing offered to me.


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